Unique singing workshops based on ancient singing system ‘Sutartines’ – archaic, polyphonic songs that came from the hearts of Lithuanian ancestors.

Suitable for team building events, festivals, camps, meaningful private occasions.

No need for musical, singing or lithuanian language skills.

Designed for various group sizes. Adjustable intensity and length of workshops.

Deep, multi-layered cultural and spiritual experience.

'Sutartines' - uniqe ancient way of singing

Laurita invites to experience ‘Sutartines’ - the archaic, polyphonic songs that came from the hearts of Lithuanian ancestors. These multipart chants are usually described as mantras because of their meditative ritual power. While singing together, the unique, magical and uniting harmony is experienced.

Suitable for every person

No need for musical knowledge, singing skills or Lithuanian language – Laurita masterfully decodes the songs in the ceremonial atmosphere. Singing in a circle liberates mind and emotions, awakens singing abilities you would not imagine having.

Team harmony

Uniqe and unforgettable experience for small or big circles, businesses, gatherings of different nations. Laurita Peleniute is a unique Lithuanian singer who is capable of presenting folklore in an up-to-date and attractive manner, revealing ancestor’s heritage. Lauritas workshops are designed to awaken and revitalize confidence, share joy.

Path to ourselves

The inner song is a heritage that everyone wears in their blood. Singing person will never feel lonely. It’s a song, and it’s a tune, and it’s comforting. Singing together – united. That’s how our promises and proboscanslived – with the pain of scum, everyday life – with songs and contractions. And it does not matter at all which nation we are talking to, all nations have the same songs, it’s the same inner tune, that’s the path to ourselves.