Elektroninės sutartinės

Elektroninės Sutartinės is a Lithuanian band that fuses traditional Lithuanian music with modern electronic sounds to create unique and captivating music. 

The band consists of two members: producer / musician Victor Diawara and folklore researcher / vocalist Laurita Peleniūtė who are joined onstage by Elena Dambrauskaitė (Vocals),  Eglė Jačauskienė (Vocals), Boris Kulenovic (Keyboard and Bass Guitar) and Vytis Vainilaitis (Drums). 

Their music draws inspiration from sutartines, a traditional Lithuanian style of polyphonic singing that is characterized by intricate harmonies and rhythms. By combining these traditional elements with electronic beats, synths, and samples, Elektroninės Sutartinės creates a sound that is both rooted in tradition and forward-thinking.

The band has released their self titled debut album “Elektroninės Sutartinės” in 2021. They are currently recording their second album dur for release in 2024. Their music has been praised for its ability to bring together different cultural influences and create a sound that is uniquely Lithuanian.

Elektroninės Sutartinės has performed at numerous festivals and venues in Lithuania and abroad. Their live shows are known for their energy and passion.

In addition to their music, Elektroninės Sutartinės is also known for their commitment to promoting Lithuanian culture and heritage and to showcase it’s richness and diversity.

Overall, Elektroninės Sutartinės is a band that is pushing the boundaries of traditional music while staying true to their roots. With their unique sound and dynamic live performances, they are quickly becoming one of the most exciting musical projects to emerge from Lithuania in recent years.