The Baltic Sisters

A joint project of folk singers from three countries that have sparkled last year far from the Baltic shores. Three nations, three women, singing ancient songs of their ancestors, which intertwine to create a unique and distinctive sound. The concerts are full of mythology, historical stories and traditions leading deep into the Baltic roots.

Singers united in the group:​

🇪🇪  Marion Selgall – Estonian folksinger, student of traditional singing at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, member of the groups “6hunesseq” and “Talina Naase”.
🇱🇹  Laurita Peleniūtė – Lithuanian folksinger, who has been holding sutartinės singing master classes in Lithuania and abroad for 15 years, participates in several musical associations (“Māros rijos”, “UDU”, “Marga muzika”).
🇱🇻 Vineta Romāne – Latvian folksinger, member of Latvian Academy of Culture traditional singing group “Saucējas” and folklore group “Laiksne”.

We offer:

  • Concerts
  • Masterclasses on traditional singing of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

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