Uḍu – the sacred water of our earth, connecting us all together. Our bodies are water vessels that carry the genetic codes of our ancestors. Folk song is a way to dive deeper into yourself, into your roots. What language does your soul sing? Musical group of two nations, uniting the musical heritage of Buryatia and Lithuania. Throat singing connected with the Baltic songs of pagan times, when man and nature were one.

We offer:

  • Concerts
  • Throat singing workshops* with Alexander Arkhincheev (Buryatia)
  • Lithuanian multipart songs workshop* with Laurita Peleniūtė (Lithuania)


  • Alexander Arkhincheev (Buryatia) – vocal, throat singing, morin khuur, guitar
  • Konstantin Tokarsky (Buryatia) – drums & percussion
  • Tadas Dešukas (Lithuania) – violin, mandolin, guitar
  • Laurita Peleniūtė (Lithuania) – vocal, drum, shruty box